Kite Workshop Products

Kite Making Kits for Everyone!:
Kite making is fun and easy when you use our kits. Whether you are planning a party, teaching, or looking for an innovative team building project, we have what you need. All our kits come with clear, simple instructions, most include flying line, and some even come with paints or crayons. We also carry a variety of winders and tail materials.

We test all of our kits to ensure that when finished, they do what they are supposed to do … They Fly! Visit us today.

Kites on a Roll:
What’s Up designed products to create the best hands-on kite making experiences that introduce youngsters to the delights of making and flying kites.

Kites on a Roll®: plastic roll of 20 preprinted kite patterns, pre-cut sticks, line. Sled kites for kids 5+, deltas for older kids. Educational, creative, easy-to-fly, inexpensive, simple-to-make, fun!.

Books, Kits and Line:
Over the years What’s Up has found products that will add to your kite making experience. These terrific items will turn your outing into a very special time.

Read about our wonderful kite making books, Fly Me Kite Kits, and line sets for classes

Kites For Everyone Book:
Kitemaking is easier than you think with these easy-to-make designs for kids and adults. Kite workshop expert Margaret Greger includes instructions for over 50 fabric, paper and plastic kites.

Frustrationless Flier:
Perfect for group or classroom projects, these kits take the guesswork out of making kites. Each 24″ sled kite kit includes pre-cut white Tyvek, wood dowels, tape and bridle line. Die cut holes in the Tyvek make correct assembly a snap, even for younger kids.

Frustrationless Flier packs of 10 or 20.
Supertwine packs of 10 or 20 – 200′ of soft polyester line on a tube.

Tough Dupont®Tyvek®:
Tyvek is a waterproof plastic paper made of spun-bonded olefin fibers that is great for kites. Inexpensive yet durable, it’s a popular choice for kite workshops. 60″ wide. White only. 1-yd. minimum 20-yd maximum continuous length. You can: glue with contact or rubber cement; tape with filament or Seamstick tape; decorate with waterproof markers or acrylic paints.

Kite Trade Association International
The KTAI represents hundreds of kite stores, manufacturers and distributors. Visit the Association web page at for a full list of members and the products they offer.