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April 15th – Kite Safety

Field Guide Welcome to the wide world of kiting, you’ve found the right place for getting a good start – kite flying is not difficult, and even a few basic pieces of information regarding wind, safety and set up can significantly improve your flight experience. With years of kite organization history behind us, AKA volunteers […]

April 13th - More events!

April 13th – More events!

Just this morning we learned of a few more events to add to the calendar! April 16th – Flights of Fancy, Lee’s Summit, MO – MCC-Longview Flights of Fancy features dazzling mega kite displays by the Kansas City Kite Club on the picturesque lawn of the MCC-Longview campus. It is the only event of its kind […]

April 12th – New Events added!

We are adding some new events to the calendar!   April 15-16th – Chinese Kite Festival in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii -Celebrate the colorful world of kites during a this Chinese Kite Festival on Maui at the Wo Hing Museum in Lahaina on Friday from 2 to 7 pm. Enjoy an exhibit of handmade kites in traditional […]

Lets Recap For April 11th!

Lets Recap For April 11th!

WOW!!! What an amazing first 11 days of National Kite Month! We have had folks flying in the Tulip Fields of Washington State for the whole month. There has also been tremendous amounts of kites taking to the skies over Australia, Tennessee, New Jersey, California, and more! Starting this last weekend teams from all over the world […]

April 8th - KTAI Retailer Into the Wind

April 8th – KTAI Retailer Into the Wind

National Kite Month is put on through the efforts of two organizations, the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) and the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI).  Through out National Kite Month the AKA has been running a featured member section on their blog. Do you want to get to know more about some of the folks you […]

April 7th - The Ultimate NKM List

April 7th – The Ultimate NKM List

Welcome to day 7 of National Kite Month!  What are you doing today to celebrate? We have seen a few folks that have been posting photos of their activities (and adding those wonderful tags #30daysofkites and #NKM). Folks have been flying kites in Louisiana and in Washington DC. There are hundreds of folks have been taking […]

Let's Recap!

Let’s Recap!

Nic O’Neill, the NKM Chairmen here wanting to give you an update not that we are solidly celebrating NKM. Well, the first few days of National Kite Month have come and gone, and boy oh boy it has been absolutely amazing what has been going on across the country. There was folks flying in Washington […]