April 5th - Sled Kites

April 5th – Sled Kites

Sled Kites  Sled kites are another one of the simple and traditional kites that many people recognize. They are super easy to build, easy to fly, and super stable. They are simple flat sail with at least 2 spars. Sometimes those spars can be solid spars, or they could be inflated fabric spars. Generally the […]

Let's Recap!

Let’s Recap!

Nic O’Neill, the NKM Chairmen here wanting to give you an update not that we are solidly celebrating NKM. Well, the first few days of National Kite Month have come and gone, and boy oh boy it has been absolutely amazing what has been going on across the country. There was folks flying in Washington […]

April 3rd – Box Kites and the Lincoln City Kite Festival

Box Kites  Box kites look exactly what they sound like. A box! is a high performance kite, noted for developing relatively high lift; it is a type within the family of cellular kites. The typical design has four parallel struts. The box is made rigid with diagonal crossed struts. There are two sails, or ribbons, whose […]