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April 14th – Berck sur-Mer and the World Sport Kite Championships

On the beaches of France over 700,000 people are reported to be watching the hundreds of kite fliers filling the skies. A part of the festivities includes teams from all over the world competing for the title of BEST SPORT KITE TEAM in the world. Who will win this year? Will it be one of the teams from Europe: Panamair, Team Flame, Start’air, Cerfs-Volants Foiles, Les Mademoiz’Ailes, and Red Alert.   Or perhaps AirZone or Four-ce from the USA. What about Win-Sky Shanghai, and Dalian Storm of China. Then there is Team Silat of Malaysia and  Atemoc and Andesky from Colombia.

To learn more about the teams competing head on over to: